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Linking help

Linking Help

COPS is a proud technological patron of the project UA.SUPPORT – Linking Help, an international pro bono platform that links people in need of legal help with the appropriate lawyers. COPS has provided a technological solution – an online platform with an in-bound clearing house and AI technologies. We are a technology patron of an AI-powered clearing house, a start-up that emerged in direct response to the Ukraine war, effectively assisting 5000 individuals across 30 countries.



We have provided a technological solution for the LegiSpace project, an application that integrates all programs and allows clients to fully manage a law firm’s activities.We are a technology patron of a start-up, a modular SaaS legal practice management system integrating modules for artificial intelligence, case management, client-relationship management, time-tracking, and many more.

Laptop on the desk


Commencing with the minimum viable version, we’ve crafted a resilient framework for the Corima treasury management system. This framework enables the implementation of diverse treasury applications, such as liquidity planning, cash flow management, and many more. Thanks to this innovation, Corima has successfully broadened its client base to include tens of clients in the DACH region.

People at the desk with plans


As an IT solutions provider, we’re forming a specialized team to seamlessly integrate the BPM engine. This strategic effort aims to optimize essential end-to-end BPM processes, enhancing operational efficiency and driving sustainable growth for our clients.

Digital transformation


We oversee a comprehensive digital transformation initiative for the Ministry of Social Affairs. Our responsibility extends to assembling and managing teams of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to driving forward a multitude of ongoing projects.

Clients say

“The agile mindset of COPS has been invaluable in rapidly developing our project UA.SUPPORT in response to the situation in Ukraine. Their commitment and flexibility have enabled us to deliver timely assistance to those affected by the war.”

Štěpán Holub, co-founder Linking Help & Managing Partner at Holubova advokati