Analyse and automate business processes

Analyzis and Business Processes Automation

Have transparent control over your business processes and their performance.

Always keep an overview of your business processes and their performance. Make business decisions based on your actual data. The delivery time is drastically accelerated thanks to model-driven development. Together with you, we analyze your processes and give your business a structure and automation.

Software development

Software development

We can tailor software to your needs with cross-platform solutions for web and desktop.

We develop software that is tailored exactly to your requirements – based on cross-platform solutions for web and desktop applications. Our wealth of experience in the corporate and financial sector, as well as our specialist know-how, will save you time and resources in the joint analysis of your requirements for your ideal solution.

Modernization of legacy systems

Modernization of Legacy Systems

Lower your maintenance costs and increase usability.

Increase your efficiency and lower your maintenance costs. Step by step, we modernize your outdated systems in an iterative process with you and put them into a digital standby mode. We diagnose your weaknesses and add new digital layers using the latest technology that complement your business functions and support your growth.

Streamline treasury management

Streamlining Finance Management

Strengthen your finance management with our expertise in Treasury and Corporate Finance.

Strengthen your finance management with our expertise. We offer solutions in all areas of treasury and corporate finance. We have specialized knowledge of treasury, risk management, asset and fund management, ALM, cash management, liquidity planning, accounting, and corporate treasury.

Our engineers turn business ideas into software reality.



Corima is a client-server platform to integrate all customer’s applications into one environment. By that, it can guarantee that the applications look visually consistent, provide same look & feel, and use the equal approach to logging management, auditing, configuration, user-management, etc.

By a matured desktop and web client, corima can tackle the requirements of customers preferring rich desktop clients, or the needs of customers preferring web environment. Moreover, corima web and desktop client can both run in parallel to maximize the benefit for all users.

Nowadays corima hosts solutions for finance and enterprise.

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We work with the best stuff – since 1995. Developing, consulting, project management, integration, customizing – we work with experienced professionals in all our service areas.

COPS Financial Systems is a company with years of experience in software integration within the corporate and banking sector. Our mission is to create solutions that make it easier for all of our customers to maximize the value of their work. Most of our services are based on corima – an integration platform developed by COPS.

In addition to numerous customer-specific projects, COPS offers an independent integration platform called corima. Here applications can be hosted in different types of business domains. With the corima.fs (Finance Solution) Application Suite, COPS primarily addresses customers who are looking for a solution to manage their finances.

With the application suite (Enterprise Solution), COPS provides a complete solution for the area of enterprise management. This solution is used by numerous customers worldwide and offers the possibility to host dozens of applications simultaneously.

The corima technology is a genuine innovation for our customers. It offers a vast range of solutions, variability and flexibility during application, while ensuring product reliability and stability as well.

We connect development with value & quality with innovation.




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