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Start-ups, Scale-ups & Investors: COPS – Your Technological Partner Connecting the Dots

Finding the right partner when creating, developing and scaling up a new business, product or service is not always easy, especially when you searching for not only a supplier but a true partner. A lot of young entrepreneurs seek not only money but “smart money”, which means an investor who plays the role of mentor and business partner for them. So, our mission is to support your great ideas with the perfectly fitting technological solution and direct your business to the right way to success! This led us to start our Start-up & Scale-up Studio, which represents our aim to help build businesses, combining the best elements of startup incubation and connecting them to venture capital investment.

Next Mission? Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with our Tech Solutions

At the heart of our activities is developing technological solutions that enable your idea to become a real value for customers, easy to use, automatic, intuitive and fast-reacting. Collaborating with an established and experienced partner can provide startups with access to crucial resources and technologies that would otherwise require significant time, complexity, and expenses to develop independently, often accompanied by a high number of bugs. This partnership has the potential to deliver advanced IT solutions or assemble a team of specialized experts.

Professional Assistance with Ideation and Incubation of Concepts

At the heart of the studio’s operation lies a team of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise spanning various domains such as technology, business development, marketing, and finance. This multidisciplinary team serves as a robust support system for young entrepreneurs, offering guidance and mentorship on their journey.
Our extensive experience in dealing with technological solutions has equipped us with the ability to identify gaps and opportunities that exist within the financial and legal sectors. As a result, we are adept at providing valuable insights into the industry, which can prove to be instrumental in propelling businesses towards greater success.

The Startup Ecosystem

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, young innovators face a myriad of challenges as they strive to transform their visionary ideas into thriving businesses. Amidst this landscape, our studios emerge as guiding lights, offering more than just financial support. Let’s see how our studio is empowering entrepreneurs with guidance based on our business experiences, IT resources, and help funding via connections with trustworthy venture capital players. We can provide equivalent levels of assistance not only to start-ups, but also to established entrepreneurs who have developed a new idea, service, or product as part of their business. Consequently, despite being well-established, they may find themselves in an underserved situation, akin to a typical start-up.

The Rise of Start-up & Scale-up Studio

Traditionally, entrepreneurs seeking funding turned to venture capital firms, angel investors, seed investments, etc.. Over time, they have also begun to consider other formal financial institutions, such as banks or their associated funds. However, the emergence of start-up & scale-up studios represents a paradigm shift in the startup ecosystem. They differ from traditional investors by actively participating in the entire startup lifecycle, from ideation to execution.
In general, start-up & scale-up studios excel in ideation and incubation, leveraging market insights and expertise to identify lucrative opportunities. (For instance, renowned studios like Science Inc. have successfully incubated startups such as Dollar Shave Club, acquired by Unilever for $1 billion in 2016). This proactive approach not only validates concepts but also accelerates the development of minimum viable products (MVPs). Resources provided by the VC studios facilitate rapid growth and mitigate common startup challenges.

Case study: COPS as Technological Patron of Linking Help

We are proud that one of the first projects supported by our studio is UA.SUPPORT – Linking Help, which is an international pro bono platform that links people in need of legal help with the appropriate lawyers. We have provided a technological solution – an online platform with an inbound clearing house and AI technologies. Thanks to the tailored-made tool the project has helped to effectively assist more than 5000 cases across 30 countries.