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COPS Exhibition at CES Unveiled in Amsterdam

We are delighted to share the success of our participation in the CES Unveiled event held in Amsterdam, at Taets Art and Event Park, on October 12, 2023.

This prestigious event provided an exceptional platform for networking with startups, corporates, and investors, focusing on the main topic of technologies, particularly the trending theme of artificial intelligence.

The event boasted a high number of participants, with the majority of exhibitors being from the Netherlands. It was interesting for us that 4 companies from the Czech Republic also participated among them.

Our involvement gave us the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions and ideas, resulting in the establishment of numerous valuable connections. We had the pleasure of engaging with many interesting people who shared interesting opinions and ideas. The contacts we gained hold the potential to open up new avenues for collaboration and growth.

We extend our sincere appreciation to CzechTrade Netherlands for their mediation and support throughout the event

A big thank you goes to all involved for contributing to the success of this great event!