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COPS is a Technological Partner of the LINKING.HELP Project

Published On: 5. 4. 2023
Categories: Enterprise info

We have become a technological partner for the nonprofit organization Linking Help, which operates with the support of patrons AgiLawyer, Holubova advokáti, and hundreds of volunteer lawyers from around the world. As a partner, we provide the technological infrastructure for the platform that facilitates the collaboration of volunteer lawyers with people in need, as well as the development of websites and the creation of graphic materials.

Linking Help was originally created as a platform to assist Ukrainian refugees through UA.SUPPORT. After a year of this project, which brought together more than 300 lawyers from 30 countries and helped more than three thousand refugees (as of 03/2023), it is now expanding into other areas where funding and legal assistance are needed for those who require it. The primary mission of Linking Help is not only to continue providing legal assistance in Ukraine but also to use a similar solution for Turkey, where our platform can connect people affected by the disaster with lawyers who can offer assistance. This platform will be customized specifically to the needs of the Turkish community.

The ambition of Linking Help is to become a global center for those who need to access legal assistance. We are excited to be part of this beneficial project that has the potential to change the way legal services are provided to those who cannot afford them. Through the UA.SUPPORT project and the planned platform in Turkey, we are already changing the lives of thousands of people and look forward to expanding our reach to other countries in need.