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Get your Business Agility Profile

Published On: 10. 2. 2022
It’s happening now!

In cooperation with the Business Agility Institute, we‘re bringing you a unique opportunity to get your Business Agility Profile!

What does that mean?

Every organization should be successful no matter what the future brings. Business agility can be understood as a set of organizational capabilities and skills, behaviors, and ways of working that give your business the freedom and flexibility to achieve your goals. Truly successful organizations should have a technical infrastructure, organizational structure and behavioral culture that allows them to be agile in all areas.

Why should you get the profile?

The Business Agility Institute has been involved in corporate agility for many years. It is an independent authority that can evaluate how agile your company is (in terms of culture, technology, operations, executive management, etc.) by focusing on different areas, e.g. how people work (in HR, in finance, sales and marketing, leadership or other fields), or how to satisfy your customers‘ needs.

Now you have a unique opportunity to become a certified organization and compare your organizational skills to more than 1,300 companies from 29 countries across various industries!

By completing this profile, you will understand what agility is, how it can help you, and what level of agility your company is currently achieving. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses, and get recommendations from independent experts, which will help you to improve in the future and move with confidence towards reaching your ultimate business outcomes.

Who is the profile for?

As a partner of the BAI program, COPS enables the new mediation of this certification on the Austrian, German and Czech markets to any company with 100 or more employees.

You will receive an independent and impartial certification, as well as customized recommendations for improvement.
COPS is here to help you throughout the whole process. We will accompany you through the program, and can become a partner for your agile transformation, helping you with subsequent improvements.

Embark on a journey of corporate agility and stay one step ahead of unexpected changes!