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Agility for travel agency

Published On: 11. 2. 2022
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Is the travel ban during the pandemic the end of the travel agency?

No! It’s an opportunity for its agile transformation!

We started cooperating with CK Delfín Travel during the time when the pandemic changed our lives and business. This company saw that situation as an impulse to start its journey of digital agile transformation. And now, while we return as passengers on board aircrafts and to popular destinations, we can benefit from a travel agency that grew to be stronger and more effective!

Each travel agency has many forms that need to be filled out before the trip, lists that need to be checked and sent, information and documents that need to be gathered and handed over. Even a small omission can cost a lot of money, for example when arranging passenger or trip insurance. It is, therefore, necessary that each member of the work team has an overview of their tasks and the overall status of all the current tours.

Therefore, our goal was to provide an overview of the workload and the process of the entire tour, both for individual employees and the company’s management.

So what did agility bring to Delfín Travel?

  • They learned how to communicate better
  • The work agenda of all departments in the company was streamlined
  • The travel process has been speeded up and made more efficient, and so have the services for customers who are happier with their holiday – and that’s what it’s all about!

And now? We continue to teach the marketing, finance, or sales departments step-by-step how to better accept the benefits of agile management and continue to streamline their operations. We believe that they will one day become the most sought-after traveler of their kind thanks to the perfect coordination of the work of the people and the tools that help them in this.

Are you interested in the whole story of Delfín Travel? Or do you want to find out how agility can help in your field as well? Contact us!