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COPS Plants Trees – Team Building and Agility

Published On: 6. 12. 2021
Categories: Company insights

Teambuilding is usually fun. But it can be also rewarding and educational!

We have been helping the organization Sázíme stromy with their technological and agile development for a long time. We consult with them on their organization and process management, and we strive to improve mutual communication between its employees. But this time the roles were reversed and it was they who gave us the opportunity to try agile management in another environment. They prepared for us a team building where we were able to try out mutual collaboration right in the field.

We have created teams… for planting trees.
We have aligned our vision and strategy… with how best to plant.
We supported and cooperated… to complete the work the best we could.

Thanks to the great organization Sázíme stromy, we not only managed to plant around twenty new trees in the locality Točná in Prague 12 in a few hours, but we also stretched well after working in the office, gained new knowledge, relaxed from stress, and had fun.

If you are interested in how we implement agility in companies or how we planted trees, you can contact us at And if you are interested in this type of teambuilding, do not hesitate to contact Sázíme stromy.