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Venture Studio COPS at the Prestigious XP 2024 Conference by Agile Alliance in Bolzano

Reflect, Adapt, Envision: the 25th international agile management conference, XP 2024

The prestigious XP Conference was put on this year by Agile Alliance for the 25th time, and each year, it’s the most important event in the world of Agile Management and software development. Theorists, practitioners, leaders, lecturers, and instructors from all over the world share their experiences, innovations, and development-related news at this forum. And our Co-CEO Ondřej Dvořák received the extraordinary opportunity to present the Venture Studio company COPS Solutions at this international agile management conference, which was held from 4 to 7 June 2024 in the historic Italian city of Bolzano. He also took the stage with his presentation Agile Strategies in Crisis: Shaping Products Before Building Them.

Riveting topics and world-class speakers in the city of the future

Agile Alliance prepared this meeting at a both symbolic and inspiring place: on the grounds of the University of Bolzano Faculty of Technology. Together with private companies and research institutes, UNIBZ created the tech hub NOI, i.e., the Nature of Innovation Techpark, where it develops real-world, sustainable applications for energy, water, and waste. The university’s rooms were filled with over 200 participants, incl. experts in research and practice.

When it was created in the year 2000, the XP Conference focused exclusively on eXtreme Programming, meaning the development method tasked with improving the quality of software and its ability to react to clients’ changing demands. Today, however, all modern agile approaches and developmental aspects of agility are discussed here. Once again, this four-day symposium started with the opportunity to share the most modern topics, intensive teachings, inspirational interviews, and meetings. It’s here that the Co-CEO of COPS Solutions met Jon Kern, the co-founder of the Agile Manifesto, and other leaders in the field.

Case study LINKING.HELP: How the agile strategy helps in times of crisis

On Friday morning, Ondřej Dvořák from Venture Studio presented COPS Solutions, which helps develop technological solutions for start-ups, scale-ups, and even established companies launching spin-offs. During his presentation on Sustainability in Crisis Time, he focused on the specific case of the Linking Help project. The international legal, pro bono platform Linking Help is built on the technological agile solution from COPS Solutions. The project was created in reaction to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, to serve as legal aid for Ukrainian refugees. Today, however, the project and its other legal counsel activities are no longer limited to European borders.

The online platform, with its incoming clearing center and AI technology, quickly and effectively helps in times of crisis, making it a great example of good agile practices under crisis conditions. The project’s numbers speak for themselves: by the end of last year, nearly 300 lawyers from 30 countries joined the project. They provided legal assistance in almost 5000 cases, with an estimated value of over 2 M euros.

When agility helps, we’re there too

“We truly appreciate the opportunity to take part in a forum as prestigious as the international XP Agile Alliance Conference. COPS Solutions develops tech solutions based on agile management, which is why we follow all current trends and topics reflected in the work of our foreign colleagues. We’re also glad we could contribute with our drop in the digital transformation bucket,” concludes Ondřej Dvořák.

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