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Unleash your potential with us! By harnessing our expertise in lean and agile methodologies, we assist start-ups in agile pivots and streamline product development, while enabling scaleups to amplify their reach and impact effortlessly.

Let us guide you in turning your dream solution into reality. From conceptualization to execution, we’ll support you every step of the way, helping you navigate the initial hurdles of launching a business, securing investors, and translating your vision into a tangible product.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Assist you in turning your IT concept into reality by providing strategic guidance, technical expertise, and necessary resources.

Give you access to our seasoned specialists across various fields to ensure top-notch quality for your project’s needs.

Help you by leveraging our network and expertise to locate potential investors and negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.

Provide comprehensive support throughout the development lifecycle, from planning to management, ensuring your product’s success.

Empower you by utilizing our workspace, tools, and resources for efficient implementation of your solutions, thus streamlining the process.

Provide the assistance of an expert team in designing and building a cohesive corporate identity and robust IT infrastructure aligned with your goals.

Who is our usual client?


Driven by innovation, start-ups disrupt traditional markets with fresh ideas. Navigating early-stage challenges, they seek funding and build market presence. Our services provide strategic guidance and support to empower start-ups to realize their visions and transforme ideas into successful enterprises.


Scale-ups focus on scaling operations and increasing market share. Our tailored services fuel their growth trajectory, offering strategic insights and development support to optimize efficiency and sustain momentum, empowering them to reach industry leadership and maximize their potential.

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Why work

with us?

We create tailored complex IT solutions for companies who want to grow.

How we



Intro Meeting

We’ll arrange an initial meeting with you to understand your intentions and project needs, while examining your objectives to determine the necessary steps to launch your project.


Ideas and Solutions

We’ll discuss strategy, goals, procedures, and required resources, proposing the most effective project implementation methods.


Business and Revenue Model

We’ll advise on creating value and generating income while minimizing unnecessary expenses, helping you develop a sustainable business model.



Our team will suggest optimal design and marketing strategies for your solution, providing assistance in other areas as needed to ensure successful promotion.


Technology Delivery

Utilize our software and hardware resources without the need to purchase licenses or computers, and benefit from shared premises for a conducive work environment.



Receive insights on potential investors and assistance in creating a compelling pitch deck to attract investment for your project.


Live Product

We’ll bring your idea to a minimum viable version, gather feedback through market research, and continue developing the product to meet customer needs.


Leading the Project

Our team will lead the development process, sharing expertise, reviewing progress, and ensuring successful project execution.


Continuous Development and Consultation

Implement your solution for new clients and receive ongoing project development and maintenance according to your evolving needs.



Linking help

Linking Help

COPS is a proud technological patron of the project UA.SUPPORT – Linking Help, an international pro bono platform that links people in need of legal help with the appropriate lawyers. COPS has provided a technological solution – an online platform with an in-bound clearing house and AI technologies. We are a technology patron of an AI-powered clearing house, a start-up that emerged in direct response to the Ukraine war, effectively assisting 5000 individuals across 30 countries.



We have provided a technological solution for the LegiSpace project, an application that integrates all programs and allows clients to fully manage a law firm’s activities.We are a technology patron of a start-up, a modular SaaS legal practice management system integrating modules for artificial intelligence, case management, client-relationship management, time-tracking, and many more.


We in COPS collaborated with, a startup co-founded by lawyers across Canada, India, and Czechia, to enhance legal document proofreading. By blending human expertise with AI, we ensured precision and scalability, showcasing our agility in embracing innovation for efficient proofreading services.



Addressing challenges in medical device procurement, we collaborated with entrepreneurial doctors. Our solution: a centralized platform connecting stakeholders for streamlined processes. Emphasizing agility, our team specialized in start-ups tailored an MVP, and shaped the go-to-market strategy for expansion into German-speaking markets, empowering Meditendo’s impactful cross-border presence.



Contributing to Get24’s onward journey, we provided essential support to its founders to bolster its presence in the retail sector. Through strategic guidance and artificial intelligence adaption, we fortified Get24’s path, affirming its pivotal role in reshaping the retail landscape.



Commencing with the minimum viable version, we’ve crafted a resilient framework for the Corima treasury management system. This framework enables the implementation of diverse treasury applications, such as liquidity planning, cash flow management, and many more. Thanks to this innovation, Corima has successfully broadened its client base to include tens of clients in the DACH region.

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