Corima is a client-server platform to integrate all customer’s applications into one environment. It guarantees that the applications look visually consistent, provide same look & feel, and use the equal approach to logging management, auditing, configuration, user management.

By offering a choice between a mature desktop or web application, corima can tackle the requirements of customers preferring either rich desktop applications or web environments. Moreover, corima web and desktop applications can run in parallel to maximize benefits for all users.



Different issues in different companies demand separate analyses. This is the only way to model a unique solution tailored to the needs of a specific situation. Therefore we strengthen our knowledge base by continuously cooperating with university institutions. We track every change in financial law as well as economic framework conditions. After all, finance is the beating heart of your company.

Your individual requirements determine the architecture and functionality of your solution. We can support your workflow perfectly utilizing our modularly structured products. International financial law as well as all relevant parameters of your capital structure – from treasury to funds and portfolio management – are all taken into account in your solution. These different competencies are closely networked delivering a sustainable and efficient solution.

We cover the entire treasury-workflow: transaction logging, pricing (incl. evaluation of structured financial instruments), ticketing, limit checks (incl. pre-deal checks), cash flows and cash values, income statements, margin calculations, maturity transformations, key performance indicators, risk assessments, stress tests and simulations, provision of real time price data, reporting.

We provide extensively configurable solutions which include all risk categories and enable the analysis of overall risk situations: market risks, credit risks, operational risks and liquidity risks. In combination with flexible stress tests, COPS provides a toolkit based on the standard PMS software solution from much-net. This solution meets all regulative and internal requirements for the risk management sector.

Due to its adaptivness our flexible portfolio structuring is the basis for all analyses and reports satisfying the requirements of even the most sophisticated clientele. Extensive restriction checks guarantee compliance with your guidelines. Performance measurements and risk control complete our range of asset management solutions.

We support the financial consulting sector with:
– specialized CRM solutions
– determination of client-risk profiles
– the development of investment proposals
– performance measuring
– restriction checking
– flexible and efficient reporting
– specialized consultant overviews providing all relevant client information at a glance.

Our hedge accounting module enables you to manage all security relations and display all risks (interest rate and FX risks) within fair value and cash flow hedges. Results are calculated for retrospective and prospective effectiveness. The standardized reporting of the hedge accounting module can provide analyses for auditors as well as your balance sheet.

COPS has extensive know-how in the integration of financial software as well as comprehensive knowledge of most utilized systems. Interfaces are developed with state-of-the-art methods based on flexible and custom programming. Platforms and applications are synchronized online or in batch mode therefore minimizing operational risks.

We provide an optimized system environment enabling:
– user-friendly data entry and presentation
– evaluation and maintenance of different collaterals
– optimization of the distribution of collateral statistics
– collateral management of various types and characteristics
– integration of processes with external partners
– automatic calculation of transfer payments incl. generation, internal and external process support, etc.

Based on the proven treasury and risk-management solutions of much-net, COPS also offers ALM solutions for banks and insurance companies such as:
– gap analysis
– cash flow analysis
– P&L transitions
– maturity transformations
– margin calculations
– overall risk assessments.

With our modern, flexible, revision-proof and prompt treasury system, we focus on the crucial success factors of your company, such as accounting and reporting, company support, cash management and liquidity planning as well as revenue, decision and risk management.

Our fund management solution with PMS from much-net implicitly includes:
– mapping of different fund concepts (fund of funds, umbrella funds, etc.) and weighting functions (incl. structured products),
– monitoring of internal and external limits (incl. Pre Trade Checks to ensure compliance with the German and Austrian InvFG as well as the Derivatives Ordinance)
– risk management (VaR, stress tests, etc.) and performance measurement

If you want to learn more about the solution for Corporate Treasury (corima.cfs) please visit our partner website of COPS Austria – (English and German version available).


Although current corima solutions extensively cover a specific business area, other customers may require their own custom applications. COPS is ready to address your specific needs while hosting uniquely customized applications in corima.

This will inherently allow these applications to benefit from the corima platform. Moreover, any legacy applications can be also embedded in corima, thus aiding companies in their step-by-step reimplementation using the latest technologies.

Custom applications can vary significantly. Thus, any custom application can make use of standardized corima functionalities or the corresponding features available within Finance or Enterprise Solution solutions.