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Business Agility is not just a buzzword

Published On: 31. 3. 2020
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We believe that there is strength in business agility. More than ever, it is being confirmed these weeks when the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic that is having a major impact on the lives of many – individuals, companies, organizations, states and the international institutions. In these times of uncertainty, we all need to be adaptive, react quickly, be flexible, and be highly cooperative.

Just by coincidence, this year’s Business Agility Conference was held at the same time and place which is currently considered to be the epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity to have attended the conference in New York, which was significantly influenced by these circumstances.
The conference brings together the largest business agility experts whom share their experiences with business agility during TED-talk style sessions. The two-day event is fully packed with workshops, lectures, and information on business agility, and not only in the IT.
This inspiring community has only assured us that it makes sense to further develop our vision to implement agile management in non-IT firms, thus primarily in the area of finance and legal which we are focused on.

We would like to thank the organizers of the Business Agility Institute as well as all participants who participated despite the latest unforeseen circumstances. We very much hope that next year, we can meet in a less adventurous way.