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40th Anniversary COPS GmbH

Published On: 24. 11. 2019
Categories: Company insights

Our mother company COPS in Austria celebrated an important anniversary this year – 40 years of its operation.

The company was founded in 1979 in Vienna and since then it has been supplying its financial management software solutions to companies and banking institutions in Austria, Germany and other European countries. Over the past years COPS has built a stable base of customers and business partners and was constantly working hard expanding its know-how from the financial and IT world so that it could deliver high quality products up-to-date with the latest trends.

The anniversary celebration took place on Friday, September 27, in the Donauturm building in Vienna. Its restaurant located 160 m above the ground gives you the opportunity to watch beautiful panoramas of Vienna directly from the table. As the employees of both the Austrian and Czech companies COPS gathered there, we had the opportunity to chat with our colleagues over a glass of a good drink and later on during the gala dinner. The main theme of the evening was, of course, a review of the past years, but we had the chance to talk about non-work related topics as well, as cooperation with COPS is smooth both on a professional and personal level.

We are glad we could join our partner at this celebration and we wish the entire COPS company good luck and many other successful years in the business.