JIC Run 2019 – running makes sense

On Thursday, July 25, 2019, the third annual charity run took place at the South Moravian Innovation Center in Brno.  The race track was 6 kilometers long and two of our colleagues participated in it. Not only because the event took place in a close proximity to our Brno office, but [...]

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Treasury forum 2019 - the conference for treasury managers and financial management experts. It took place in Prague on June 6th. This event is organized by the Czech Treasury Association (ČAT) together with the Czech Financial Management Association (CAFIN). It was already the 17th year of the conference and few representatives of our company [...]

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Enterprise Engineering Working Conference 2019

Lovely city, the motivational atmosphere, great conference! We are happy to have a decent contribution to the Enterprise Engineering community during Enterprise Engineering Working Conference in Lisbon. Ondřej Dvořák presented how to cope with the technology change acceleration, a topic on which we cooperate with CCMI at Czech Technical University of Prague.   Next year, we are looking [...]

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The 31st Finance Symposium will take place On 22nd to 24th May 2019 in Mannheim. It is intended to present products and services of companies that are oriented on the treasury and financial sector. Family of COPS will also take part at this important event. We will be [...]

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