Different issues in different companies demand separate analyses. This is the only way to model a unique solution tailored to the needs of a specific situation. Therefore we strengthen our knowledge base by continuously cooperating with university institutions. We track every change in financial law as well as economic framework conditions. After all, finance is the beating heart of your company.

Your individual requirements determine the architecture and functionality of your solution (Corima.cfs). We can support your workflow perfectly utilizing our modular structured products. International financial law as well as all relevant parameters of your capital structure – from treasury to funds and portfolio management – all are taken into account in your solution.

Find out more about how it works on a website of our partner COPS GmbH.
treasury management - corima


  • Treasury management

  • Risk Management & Controlling
  • Private banking

  • Fund Management KAG

  • Portfolio & Asset Management

  • Hedge Accounting

  • Asset Liability Management

  • Integration

  • Collateral Management

  • Corporate Treasury

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Almost a decade ago, we recognized that many companies have their work scattered across a variety of systems. The solution of many tasks required their people to switch from one system to another, with often different behavior, look, and feel. The organizations have not been able to innovate these legacy systems and to replace them with modern solutions. Apparently, this would have helped their employees to spent time on more important endeavors than solving technical difficulties with obsolete software solutions. This observation has challenged us to start an endless mission towards building an environment where employees can fulfill their tasks efficiently, consistently, and ideally with the support of modern technology. We have been establishing teams of software engineers, experts, university students, researchers, testers, and others in an effort to invent Corima platform.

Corima is a client-server platform to integrate all customer’s applications into one environment. It guarantees that the applications look visually consistent, provide same look & feel, and use the equal approach to logging management, auditing, configuration, and user management. Instead of replacing productive legacy systems, Corima is able to sit on top of them, integrate their key functionality, and cover desired use-cases using its own modules.

In the meantime, we have implemented a suite of own Corima applications called Corima.cfs that helps to solve complex requirements of treasury management. Lastly, we realized our strength in agile management and we started to integrate Corima with modern BPM systems to create custom information systems.

Can our solutions
help your business?

Which sectors can benefit
from our solutions?

Can our solutions
help your business?

Which industries can benefit
from our solutions?