In order to thrive in the digital age, leading companies automate and optimize operations across their businesses. Your organization may be one of the many that are held back by outdated business models, legacy technology, and missing technical support for its smooth operation. We learned that well-defined processes, digitalization and agile management of IT projects are equally helpful for many non-IT sectors. Having a strong expertise in finance, we naturally started to help our customers to apply these techniques to treasury and reporting teams. However, in the last years, we have observed that these approaches could be beneficial for basically any team struggling with a workload, constantly changing priorities, and unpredictable work to be done. Moreover, we found this extremly helpful for organizations having their employees distributed across different locations often working remotely.

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The sector of Finance is under a close scrutiny of internal, domestic, international, and EU regulations. The treasury and reporting departments of banks, insurance companies, and big corporates tackle them by using specialized solutions to manage these complex requirements. With our customers, we already addressed these requirements using our own Corima.cfs solution that covers areas of cash management, front office, back office, liquidity planning, risk management, accounting, and others. Additionally, we support customers to model and execute their business processes in order to speed-up the workload related to reporting, validations, and other operative routines. We strongly believe that clearly described business processes are essential for further automation, optimization, and the entire agility of financial teams.

Lawyers are under constant pressure. Hunting for clients, keeping clients, responding promptly, meeting deadlines, producing comprehensive documents, and reacting quickly upon unforeseeable events in the legal process. A simple passing of deadlines can lead to professional liability. Successful lawyers are often great managers. Hence, no surprise that the law office can profit from applying techniques of project management. Majority of work in the law office can be split into tasks, which builds a basis for the proper collaboration, planning, prioritization, and automation. Moreover, if these activities use techniques of agile management, many firms can find it extremely helpful to get the utmost from their law teams.
Our solutions and approaches are very general. We believe that any organization in almost any industry can strongly benefit from digitalization and agile management that will help it properly handle it’s workload. Some organizations may additionally benefit from driving their teams in an agile way. We are happy to share our knowledge we have gained within the past decades. We are ready to help those who are willing to start their digital transformation towards a truly agile company.


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