We believe that creativity and innovation are cornerstones of sustained economic growth and industrial progress. We believe they allow organizations to stay relevant in the competitive market. To make it happen, we want companies to take advantage of the current technologies and agile management that resonate with organizations in diverse industries. We want to shift their attention to business processes, optimization, automation of tedious work, and to help them to manage the workload using agile techniques. We are convinced that this approach will free every resource to bring innovative ideas that help the organization to grow. The business-cases of our interest are aligned with this initiative. The most relevant are in the bullet points below.

Many organizations suffer with aligning their executive strategy with operations. They lack a systematic method to quickly identify improvement opportunities. We support end-to-end operational transparency and encourage all stakeholders to continuously optimize and automate their processes, and eliminate time-wasting practices. We help you increase business agility by using the wisdom from your team to streamline how work gets done.

Many organizations manage their workload using various channels like emails, telephone or video calls, shared documents, and other communication platforms. Often, their people are working remotely, under constant pressure, and expected to react quickly upon ever-changing priorities. We help them to structure the work into tasks that allow a smooth collaboration, planning, and optimization and open a door to the further digitalization, automation, and customization of their processes to fit to their exact needs.

Many international corporate and banking customers suffer with decentralized treasury department which has to tackle topics related to cash management, liquidity planning, risk management, front office, back office, and accounting. With our Corima.cfs solution, we help to centralize the treasury into one system. By combining various functions and standardized modules, we offer the opportunity to map variably structured operational and evaluation processes within the corporate treasury.

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